Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Pensacon" - Pensacola's Comic Con

Our last day in Pensacola we chose to tour the downtown area.

 Nicely restored buildings displaying classic iron work

 Street gardens

 Vibrant shopping and dining areas

 Carriage rides through the city are available

 Many unique artist galleries

 Expecting to just see a nicely rejuvenated urban city, much to our surprise, it was the weekend of "Pensacon", Pensacola's version of Comic Con.  Now, I am only aware of comic con because of The Big Bang Thoery, so it was an eye opener for me.  Looked like a blast.

We were walking along admiring  buildings and balconies when we spotted our first costumed group and realized something was going on here.

Then a few more . . .

Then we walked down the street where one of the main events were being held and costumes came by faster than we could get pictures.

Princess Leah and a Storm trooper visiting in peace

My photo missed the high healed sneakers, but who's complaining!

"Want to take our picture?"   Of Course!

Even the kids got into the spirit of things.

("Joker" and girl friend in the background) 

For many of the costumes we did not have any idea who the characters were they represented. It was fun guessing any way.

That night we had a final dinner with our Covert relatives at the Shrimp Basket

 Small family group of 19 for dinner!  Tudy's daughter Trisa and her husband Conrad

Mike, Mary, Judy Covert, Shirley Covert at the table.  Jim Covert and Tudy Broz' daughter Trisa standing behind, Elmer on the right

Frank and Tudy Broz

Tudy and Frank's grandsons Caleb and Tyler

A great ending to our time here in Pensacola.  Looking forward to coming back again.

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