Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On The Road Again

Well, we began our Alaska journey this morning, complete with the usual two hour delay. This time it was a dead battery that we had been trying to resolve all weekend. The problem was discovered just after we called the mechanic who fixes our cars. It turned out that our refrigerator was on the electric setting, and since the door was ajar, it was constantly running and draining the juice from the battery!

Since we got a later start than expected, this first leg only got us to Bingingham, New York. We had hoped to make it to Erie, PA, which is about half way to our first visit with Marlin's Uncles and cousins in Moline, IL. Long day driving tomorrow, but it is good to be heading west.

We have to be in Prince Rupert, Canada, on June 11 to make meet the Alaska Marine Highway ferry. That means we will not be making too many stops along the way. I will keep in touch, even when things are not too exciting. Wish us luck.