Saturday, September 1, 2007

Banff Pictures

When I last connected to the Internet I could only post the narrative because when I began to post pictures I ran out of battery power with no where to plug in. Since then, no consistent Internet access.These pictures can only give the slightest idea of what these magnificent rocky mountains are like.

This osprey nest was across a small creek at the edge of our campsite in Montana. You can see how smoky the air was from all the forest fires surrounding where we were. One chick was trying out his wings, while his brother watched. He would lift off about 6 inches then land. The next morning he was gone, leaving his brother to churp away, waiting for mom to feed him.

Cascade Gardens in Banff

The mountains in Banff from our campsite

Road Hazards in Banff

The Bow River

Castle Rock and Village

This is a typical exhibit sign that are all along the Bow Valley thruway

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