Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Back road weekend wanderings

For the weekend, fishing was put on hold and we wandered along some of the back roads. This favorite activity of ours always produces something of interest.  Operating with only my phone camera, since my Nikon has decided to revert to an unexplained error message again, the pictures are less than great, but better than I expected.

 Being without my camera was especially painful because there were dozens and dozens and DOZENS of Mountain bluebirds flying everywhere and on every fence post.  I even tried putting the phone camera lens onto the  binoculars.  This is all I could produce but not bad for the technique.

We saw some herds of wild horses in the distance.  (Same technique-through the binoculars)

Lots of untold stories in the abandoned buildings along this dirt byway.

What happened to the family that occupied this home?  Why did they leave and where did they go?

Looks like the foundation was hand made from local rocks. These deserted dwellings make me think that for all our efforts, we really are only ashes to ashes, after a very short time here on earth.

The gravel road we were on ended at Route 24 and a tiny village called Hartsel.  What a fun eclectic collection of buildings clustered here.

The local school

The library

A local, active, and busy garage, complete with cars being worked on in the driveway

The corner Saloon and grocery store

Great way to advertise.

Not sure if this is for real or a joke

The return trip on Highway 24 took us over Wilkerson Pass at 9,507 feet

I believe that is Pikes Peak in the background.

Splashes of gold all along the road

We spent the weekend in a non-electric site because- again- electric sites were all reserved.  Not bad, but it is back to electric hookup on Sunday night.

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