Thursday, February 20, 2014

Museum of South Texas

Museum of South Texas in Edinburg, held a weekend event called Cowboy Days.

Beautiful building and an amazing museum about South Texas but on this day we only got a short glimpse of the inside because of all the events happening outside.  Cowboy Days, which is actually called "Pioneering and Ranch Craft Days" was an all day event held on the grounds of the museum.  Activities included lots of fresh, local, authentic ranch food, dancing demonstrations, crafts, participants in authentic costume, desert animals, and many demonstrations of skills used in ranching.

This authentic 1910 chuck wagon served cowboy beans, biscuits, and deserts.

Exhibits from the Civil and Texas/Mexican wars were available to talk about equipment and weapons.  With temps in the 80's I would not want to be this fellow in the wool uniform.

The Mexican bandits were lots of fun, roaming through the crowd for picture opportunities.  They were having as much fun as those posing for pictures.  No hesitation about pointing their guns at a camera or participants.

Native American presence, seldom noted here in Texas.  

Lots of dance performances.  I had to stand on a chair in the back of the tent to get a picture.  Poor quality but these kids were having such a good time and did a fantastic job I had to include the shots.

We missed seeing these high school kids dance.  Their costumes were elaborate as was their makeup.  Sorry we missed the performance.

Highlight of the day!  Learning (or trying to) learn a new skill.

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