Monday, February 24, 2014


Kathy Whittier, who volunteers here at Bentsen State Park, offered to take us along on a trip across the border to Nuevo Progreso. Kathy and her husband have been going down to Progresso for several years along with many other Winter Texans.  They regularly go to the dentist there and she made an appointment for Marlin to see about a needed crown.

We parked in a lot on the U.S. side of the border and walked across the bridge.  Kathy took these pictures of us with her camera and I hope she does not mind that I use them for this blog.  She posted them on facebook last week.

It costs Twenty Five cents to walk over the bridge, Thirty five to return!

  I wish I had taken a picture of the walk along the street.  It was quite a carnival of tiny booths, crowded along the edge of the sidewalk, selling all manner of goods. None of the vendors were aggressively selling, just showing their wares and asking if you would like to buy.

Our first stop was at the Canada store.  We wandered through the isles, checking out all the Mexican clothing, pottery, jewelry, plus lots of merchandise from China.  Kathy took us next to Arribas for some refreshments where four pina colatas and two margaritas cost  $9!  All the patrons here were Winter Texans and they were having a "very" good time dancing and drinking.

At the dentist visit,  Kathy and David had cleanings and Marlin got a free consultation and an appointment to return in March to have the work done. We had an early dinner at Angel's Restaurant.  The restaurant is on the top floor of a four story building that was once quite a show place.  Currently it is showing signs of the recession.

Obviously the food was terrific!  Looking forward to our next visit.

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