Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thursday, August 9

On Thursday we headed North West again. Just before coming into Sheridan, Wyoming, we saw a sign for the Bradford Benton Museum so naturally we took the turn in. Benton was a very wealthy man who, after World War I, sold his tractor company to J.I. Case and retired to his homes in Wyoming, California, and New York. He spent the rest of his life amassing a large collection of Western art that included paintings, sculptures, and etchings by artists such as Edward Borein, Frank Tenney Johnson, Frederick Remington, Charles Russell, and Joe DeYoung, as well as many local artists. The collection also includes dozens Navajo rugs and exquisitely beaded native clothing. After his death at age 54, his sister created a museum at the ranch in his honor. Another great take that we just stumbled upon.

After stopping in Sheridan for awhile, we took Route 14 through the Big Horn Mountains. A spectacular drive up and over the range with a 10% down grade on the western side. This is truly Big Sky country. We stopped in a small town called Lovell and camped at a free town campground along with some Sturgis bikers.

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