Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mount Rushmore

Monday Afternoon

Since we were only a few miles from Mount Rushmore we decided to squeeze that in today (Monday) also. There were huge crowds here and we were tiring from squeezing in so much today so this was a fairly quick trip.

The 60 foot high figures are still impressive and it was interesting to learn about the hassles the artist, Gutzon Borglum, had with the government commission that was set up to monitor the projects finances and efficiency. Reading between the lines, it seemed like it was really about who was in control of the project.

Borglum had intended to sculpt the presidents down to the waist, however, he died before he could finish the work. The visitor center had films of the work in progress and pictures of all the men who worked on the mountain during its construction.

I think Jacob had asked me about these faces on the mountain last winter. You can tell somewhat how big they are by the full size trees at the base. In relation to Crazy Horse Mountain, these four heads would fit into the space Crazy Horse's hair is going to fill.

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