Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flathead Lake

Just some "whimsy" on the way to Missoula.

We were very surprised when we reached Flathead Lake. 40 years ago this had been a sleepy kind of western town with not much traffic and fewer crowds at the lake. Time changes all things. The first campground was a state park on the lake. All the campsites were tiny, crowed together and there was only one open. We moved on to another state park about half way up the west side of the lake. This was much larger and less crowded. The host said it was because they did not have a bath house. Looked good to me.

The next day, Monday, we went on to Kalispell to retrieve our general delivery from the Dept of Motor Vehicles. Not there yet so we thought we would try Whitefish State Park on Whitefish lake. Unfortunately we got the last campsite, where the train track was about 50 feet behind us and the trains ran every 20 minutes. Win some, loose some.

Tuesday we traveled back to Kalispell and got the mail we were waiting for. We spent the day doing errands and getting Marlin a vision exam for the license renewal.

Wednesday, we played dead, except for an oil change and a Dairy Queen and stayed again at the Rocky Mountain Hi campground. Tomorrow we plan on heading toward Canada. We decided that Glacier would be crowded until mid September, so we will stop there on our way back from Banff and Jasper.

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  1. Hi guys!!! It's so nice to pop on here and catch up on all of the things that you're doing. Sounds like you're having a blast and getting to see a ton of great stuff. Take care!


    P.S. My folks say hello and hope you're enjoying Banff (they're also quite jealous!)