Monday, May 23, 2016

Jacob and Carly Dunton's wedding

Here we are in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the end of May.  A year ago, when we received the "Save the Date" card for Jacob Dunton's wedding, we decided to extend our winter excursion past our usual return home.  Jacob spent many hours, days, nights, at our house growing up with James and Jed, so it felt like one of our own children were getting married.  We wanted to be there to join in the celebration.  Of course, an extra month fishing in Wyoming wasn't a problem either. 

May 20 was the big day for Jacob and Carly.  The weather was threatening to rain, but at 3:30, so far, so good.  The ceremony was held at a spot called the "Wedding Tree".  Very spectacular spot.  Simply a gnarled old evergreen, on the top of a brush filled hill, overlooking the magnificent Teton mountains.

Guest walked about 1/4 mile across a stone and brush strewn field.

Everyone was greeted by soft acoustic guitar music

Some family members waiting for guests to arrive: Jacob's mother Donna, his Uncle Blair, a friend Christina , Aunt, Patty, and family friend Addie.

Beautiful backdrop for children playing at the wedding tree

Jacob with James and Shellie

Love the hats!  Uncle Blair, Aunt Patty, and Jacob

Donna and Marlin

My favorite pair!

Jacob and Donna

Carly and her Dad

Tim performing the ceremony


The reception was held in a renovated school house.

Here come the Bride and Groom (and their dog)

The reception was great fun.

The Cooks had a great time at this wedding.  So glad we made the time to be here.

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