Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Texan Appreciation Day

Throughout the months of January, February and March many of the Parks, Cities, Sanctuaries, and Nature Centers in the Rio Grande Valley hold Winter Texan Appreciation Days. Each event is different but they are all aimed at letting the people, who come here during the winter months, know that their visits are indeed valued and encouraged.

The event at Resaca de la Palma, held on Friday, February 6, was a very successful and fun day.  

 Barbara, a new volunteer, greeted people and gave out information about the days events and about regularly occurring programs held at the park each week.

Visitors began arriving shortly after 8:00

Hot coffee, tea, cocoa, sweet breads, and fruit were available all morning

Jan directed everyone to the different activities that repeated all day.  Today was an abbreviated showcase of the regular programs the park holds each week.

Marlin and Albert headed out with a group for a shortened version of the nature hike

Sherry took a large group for a bird walk down Ebony trail.  Ebony is the shortest trail in the Park and is located right next to the visitors center.  There are two resaca overlooks on this trail, as well a signs marking notable trees and plants.  Bug spray is a necessity though.

Steve presented a slide show and information about the park in the meeting room.  People could come in at any time during their stay and watch the show, while they ate their breakfast or lunch, that was provided by the Park

Gloria, on the right, demonstrated how geocacheing works.  This Park has 13 caches scattered throughout the trail system. The Park has several hand-held GPS units that can be used by visitors.  There is also a phone app that can be downloaded on smart phones that is easy to use.  The next day, Marlin and I located two of the caches using our new phone app.  Can't wait to find all 13.  By then I should know the process well enough to entice my grandchildren into coming with me to find some near home in Maine.  Gloria also leads the Saturday yoga program, but that was not demonstrated today.

Richard drove the tram on the Park loop road every half-hour for people to get a general idea of where and how many walking/biking trails are available to explore.  Sherry is telling him there is a group ready to board the tram.

Cynthia manned the front desk.  Since it was free admission today, she only had to keep up with the gift shop.  Many compliments about the selection in the shop.

Marlin and I prepared and served a lunch of hot dogs, cookies, brownies, and bottled water.  We did not have a chance to take any pictures of each other or of folks enjoying the goodies.

This armadillo wandered around the visitors center most of the day.  He was a real treat for most Northerners to see.  There has been extra rain this past month, and these critters love to dig in the soft soil near the building for grubs.

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