Saturday, February 28, 2015

Folklorico, La Joya High School

For the second year in a row, we have been delighted to attend the Folklorico and Mariachi Spring concert at the La Joya High School.  The goal of the "Folklorico" is to perform and preserve the folklore and culture of Mexico, through dance and music.  Kathy and David Whittier, our friend from Mission, invited us be part of a group going to the show.

Seated, just before the program began.

The costumes are beautiful.  Each section of the program portrays a different cultural aspect.  This segment theme reflected the long ranching traditions in the area.

The program switched between dancers and Mariachi Sol, a traditional mariachi band.

Hard to tell from this far away picture, but this dance number was selected and choreographed by the students themselves.  The costuming was reflective of today's culture.

One segment was traditional Spanish flamingo dancing.

At the close of the show, all the students were available in the lobby to answer questions and for photographs.  I asked this young girl how many different dance routines did she have to learn.  She said,  "Well there were six sections  and each section had five different
numbers in them"  Guess that means they had to learn 36 different dances, as well as have the stamina to perform in all the segments.!

Kathy had invited "a few" friends to join her for a pot luck supper at her house after the show.  When we returned to her house  from La Joyla, her guests had already arrived!   Great party, good food, lots of new friends.

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