Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tree Planting

Stephanie Galla, the Park Biologist, planned a  tree planting day for the 14 new trees she received to add to the Park.  Ten of these trees are Montezuma Bald Cypress.  These native trees are related to the cypress you find in Florida, however, these cypress do not have the "knees" you see on other southern species. Although they can tolerate being under water for a short time, they like a somewhat dryer spot on the banks of waterways.  

Texas has a Master Naturalist program in this area and those taking part are required to put in 40 hours of volunteer work each year. 
 For this volunteer opportunity, four Master Naturalist students helped us with the planting.

Some of the volunteers, doing a bit of birding, while walking to the resaca where the trees will be planted.
Stephanie on the phone, Sam, Joanie, Mary, Hamez, and Sherry, who is a Park Host.

Stephanie and Gloria, Park Naturalist, unloading the trees at the resaca

 Gearing up!

The edges of the resaca have been churned up by feral pigs.  Large numbers of these pigs frequent the wet areas of the Park, doing substantial damage to plants and soil stability. 

Lots of digging.

And planting

and watering

A good job done.  Ten trees planted.

The crew.

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