Monday, October 16, 2017

Home Sweet Home

From Fredericksburg we traveled on to Austin where we spent four days getting the camper ready to go into storage for three months. 

 "Life in the Fast Lane"   This is Marlin's favorite picture. He had me take this out the window while we were driving!   Only in Texas can you be traveling 80 miles per hour and have all the other traffic pass you by.  Jed would love this!

One of the rationalizations for taking this unusual fall journey was to leave our camper in the warmer parts of the country and not have to fight traveling through the ice and snow of January.   Most of those four days were spent cleaning, fixing, packing, and nailing down details.  All in 90 degree heat.

We did manage to get out one night for some music in Austin.  We decided to go to The Central Market for one-stop dinner and music.   Central Market is a huge "Whole Foods like" market, with an in-store cafeteria and outdoor patio where they have a different  band playing every night. This night was a local jazz group called the Summer's Arch. 

The Market is obviously very popular with families.  With the playground behind the stage, plenty of open space for strollers, a large area for dancing, and perfect evening temperature in the 70's, what better entertainment for kids and adults as well.  It was fun to watch Dad's and Mom's joining their little ones on the dance floor.  Such a wonderful place for families to introduce children to the joys in music.

This unusual adventure has come to its scheduled end.  Leaving our camper and truck at a storage space was a bit unsettling, but at least it will be shaded by a huge, lovely, live oak tree while we are gone.  See you in January.

We arrived home in Dixmont in time to enjoy the the remains of some beautiful and colorful foliage.
Good to be home again.

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