Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fall travels

Unusual for us to leave Maine in the summer or fall but the Illinois wedding invitation got Marlin's traveling shoes rattling in the closet, so we are off.

Our first stop was in Alfred, Maine, where we returned Lola home from a visit with us in Dixmont.  In the five days there, she taught me all the finer points of shopping in addition to being a great help with projects.

A poster for the Historical Society needed some artistic touches to brighten up the theme

She volunteered to mow the lawn for the last time this year.  Great job.

Adding a couple of extra travel days gave us a chance to visit with Jed, James, and Shellie.
Jed's cabin is coming along.  He just installed a major carrying timber, which will let him floor in the loft and finish the upper walls.

The 24 foot carrying timber

Major accomplishment.

Cabin fever has spread to Jed's son, Jacob.  He is building himself a tiny cabin at the top of the hill. Guess carpentry is just in the Cook boys genes.

Jacob helping at Jed's cabin

His own place! Didn't get to see Jacob this trip.  He was at Football camp all week.

Wednesday was a time for lots of talking, catching up, and making plans.  Great night at Sebago Brewing in Portland with these three.

Headed out of Maine on Thursday morning, with the first stop west of Albany, New York.  Looking forward to some new experiences.  The wedding is on the 26th in Moline, IL, then, because it is so close to Illinois, on to Colorado for some fishing before we head to New Mexico for Pueblo ruins at Chaco Canyon and Canyon de Chelly.

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