Saturday, August 26, 2017

Cousins, Uncles, Nephews and Maid Rites!

Visiting the town were Marlin spent his formative youth brings out the strong nostalgic feelings he usually keeps to himself.  When he was 14 his family moved to California, but many of the extended family remain in the area around Moline, Illinois.  This visit, for a cousin's wedding, included visits with many who returned from other locations in the country, as well as many still in this area.

Our first day in Moline we already had double booked!  The Smelcers, friends from Wisconsin, were passing through and wanted to meet us for lunch at the same time Mike Cook was arriving at the airport.  That was resolved by meeting Terry and Ken for breakfast, then picking up Uncle Bill and arriving at the airport by 10:30 to pick up Mike.

Uncle Bill Sackett is Marlin's mother's youngest (age 84) brother.

Mike Cook, Marlin's nephew, lives in Tacoma Washington.  As soon as we picked him up we were headed directly to the closest Maid Rite restaurant.  Maid Rite is a "variation on a theme". It starts with hamburger that is spiced, then steamed till it is completely crumbled.  They serve it on a bun with mustard, onion, and pickle.  There is an art to eating this local delight, usually with a spoon to finish up all that escaped from the roll.

The first of many this week.

Next stop was at Candy's house.  Candy Tolmie is a cousin on the Cook side of the family.  Her house is usually where the Cook clan gathers.  She is also the mother of the groom in the wedding we are here to attend.  This branch of Cook's are children of Marlin's Uncle Zip.

Candy's older brother, Jim Cook, a 20 year Air Force retiree, is visiting from the Detroit area.  He and his wife Mary, came here by way of month long trip to California and Nevada. Lots of catching up there.

Sister Maggie Cook Butterfield

Brother Joe Cook.  One more brother, Kenny, will be at the wedding.

Candy's grandchildren, Isabelle and Sean

Another day we squeezed in a visit to cousins on the Sackett side, even though they are McNalleys!

Bill and Carolyn McNalley and brother Don were pals of Marlin many years ago.  We always try to see them when we are in town.

Friday night we had dinner with Uncle Bob, Uncle Bill, and Bill's daughters, husbands, and grandchildren.

Marlin, Uncle Bob Sackett, and Uncle Bill Sackett.

Bill's daughters, Lisa and Amy

Lisa and Keith

 Adam, Emily, Amy and Blake Warren

Great Visit.  More relatives will be seen before we head out of town, that is for sure.  Enough for now!

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