Monday, January 31, 2011

Naples, Florida

The past 10 days we have spent in Naples being amazed at John's recovery rate. Released from the hospital three days after surgery, walking the trails on day 6 and out to eat with friends by Friday. Can't keep a good man down.

His fast recovery must be due to these dazzling red scrub pants Linda got for him!
First day out walking on Bay Forest trails

Walking buddies

The complex where John and Linda live, Bay Forrest, has over 2 miles of paved walking trails.

A banyan tree along the trail

One of the small lakes the trails circle

Crown of Thorns in full bloom

Staghorn fern
Since John was feeling pretty good we got to fit in a couple of visits with friends here in Florida. Estelle and Chuck Sanders live here full time and Ruth and Rodger Bringardner's vacation began while we were here so we managed dinner with both couples during the week.

Chuck, Estelle and Linda

Ruth and Rodger Bringardner

On Sunday, the 31st, Linda and I spent a couple of hours at Barefoot Beach. This is Linda's favorite spot for shelling. We both have more shells than we have space for so we tried not to look down. We congratulated ourselves about returning home with less than a dozen shells each.

This osprey was enjoying lunch in the parking lot

Barefoot Beach

A Ruddy Turnstone (I think) having his lunch on the beach

Despite the circumstances of our unexpected visit we have had a pleasant week here in Florida. It was reassuring to watch John bounce back quickly and the weather was delightful. We are leaving here on Tuesday morning. We will stop to visit more Maine friends, the Merrows, who are in the Ocala area, as we leave Florida and head west again.

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  1. oh- it looks so nice and warm there... we are about to get hammered with another snow storm... you picked a great time to be south!