Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Trip

Donating all our refrigerator contents to our favorite professional photographer, Julie Burwell

Well, on January 3, 2011 we were off on a new adventure, with a few hiccups, of course. Great visit with Sisters Joan and Jane, and the Miles during our first week away from Dixmont. Even got in a planning meeting for my 50th High School reunion while in Massachusetts. We headed out of Massachusetts for Frederick, Maryland on Friday the 7th.

Weather report was for isolated bands of snow in unpredictable patterns, which we located on the New York Pennsylvania boarder. In a light snow, we exited for gas and lunch. During that break, the snow accumulated about 3 inches and when we arrived at the highway on ramp, it was closed and all visible traffic on the road was at a standstill. After a 2 hour delay, the road was reopened and we passed the accident scene about 1/2 mile past where we got off. Timing is everything.

Our planned stop over at the Baldwins morphed from 2 days into five when the entire south was engulfed in an Arctic-like ice and snow storm. Frederick's temperature was lower than it was in Maine but skies were clear. However everything south of there was ice and snow so we stayed put. That wasn't hard to do with Glen's gourmet cooking, endless wine bottles in stock, and a long list of card games to play. After a light snow on Tuesday night, we left their gracious hospitality on Wednesday the 12 and again headed south.

All through Virginia the temperatures continued to hover around 27 degrees, while Maine was more like 32. Tonight we are just over the Virginia border into Tennessee with an estimated stop in Huntsville, Alabama and a visit with Kathy Gallagher Lundy.

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