Monday, July 30, 2007

Reunion weekend

The weekend was a whirlwind of talking, visiting and eating. Saturday's reunion had a small but animated group of cousins, aunts, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great grandmothers.

Marjorie McNally, who's mother was a Sackett, is 92 and made two baked dishes herself for the pot luck. The reunion boasts its strongest attendance from Marjory's children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Marjorie is the oldest member of the Sackett line, which is how we are connected. Marlin's mother was a Sackett. Her father, William Paul Sackett, was a brother to Marjorie McNally's mother, Bertha. Marlin can trace the Sacketts back to 1690, when two brothers came from England .

Sunday was another cookout with uncles and cousins, and more food , of course. The weather here has been incredibly great, with low humidity and decent temperatures. Usually it is about 90% humidity at 95 degrees and no cool down at night. Lets hope the cooler, dryer days continue.

Today we went to the John Deere world headquarters building. The entrance building has a lower level where many of their large pieces of equipment are displayed. Our kids always begged for a trip there because visitors are allowed to climb on all the machines. Mike is still a kid at heart and so am I for that matter. I had to take some pictures to share a bit of the fun.

The building itself is magnificent. It is nicknamed the rusty palace because it was constructed of a metal that is a rusty brown color. The design of the whole complex is dominated by the contours of the land, which is predominately rolling hills. The building reflects this topography, with the employee cafeteria on a lower level overlooking a pond full of fountains.

On the way to the airport, we made a last trip to the Maid-Rite. Mike is now winging his way home after a full weekend of family and food. We plan to take off tomorrow morning and head north through Iowa, toward South Dakota.

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