Thursday, July 26, 2007

Moline Times

We arrived in Moline, IL around 11:30 on Wednesday after a grueling 14 hour driving day on Tuesday. Several towns near Elkhardt Indiana were overrun with folks headed for a local flea market. Apparently this is a large yearly event. One hotel said they were full with just vendors for the event. This caused us to drive further than we planned, but it allowed us to have a shorter trip on Wednesday.

We were in time to meet our nephew Mike's plane at noon and surprise him, then head directly for the nearest "Maid-Rite" restaurant.

"Maid-Rite" is a local hamburger made with crumbled, steamed beef that Marlin grew up eating. Now the whole Cook clan thinks they are a must when they are in western Illinois. Picture a sloppy Joe, minus the sauce, plus pickle, onion, and mustard, on a hamburger bun. At least half of the crumbled hamburger usually spills out onto the plate, to be eaten later with a spoon. The Cook boys tell me there is nothing like it. I order a salad.

The next few days will be full of visiting relatives and old friends, catching up with Mike, who we have not seen since 2000, and eating more Maid-Rites.


  1. Hi guys,
    Hope this works. No daring on the Maid-Rite burger you described, Jude. I'm disappointed in you (not surprised, however). I'll work on getting to know the blog workup. I like the idea and feeling like we're on the trip with you. Talk to you soon,
    Linda and John

  2. Mmmm. Wish I were eating with you, Mike says to try the Milkshake