Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Borderfest, Hildalgo, TX

"Borderfest" is a heritage, cultural, and musical festival that is sponsored by the city of Hildalgo.  In its 42nd  year of operating, the festival showcased the Country of Spain for its part in bringing some of its culture and history to the Rio Grande Valley.

As volunteers, we attended the celebration to work at the Texas State Park information booth.  Saturday and Sunday from noon till 5 PM we talked with people about the State Parks in our area and handed out booklets describing all 90 of the Texas State Parks.

Marlin and Tom Shannon, the other Park Host at Resaca, getting ready to hand out materials to people as they enter the festival grounds.

  In addition to handing out booklets about all Texas Parks, we highlighted the special activities available at our facility.  The unusual "egg" we displayed on our table is one of our Geocaches.  Resaca de la Palma has 14 geocaches scattered throughout the park.  It is a fun "treasure hunt" activity many families enjoy at Resaca.  Gives teens the motivation to get outside and still be able to use their smart phone.  Check out if you have never heard about this activity.  They are located all over the world.

Inside is a log where you write you name and date of when you found the cache.  There is also an exchange component.  Small trinkets that are inside can be taken.  However, if you take one, you must leave one to replace the one you take.

Our cluster of tables included other volunteers from the local McAllen Nature Center and sister World Birding Center, Hildalgo Pump House.  These volunteers brought along some fun flower pressing and leaf rubbing activities for young visitors to enjoy.

The grounds at Borderfest included five different performance stages.  The complex pictured below was to highlight the Spanish influence on the Rio Grande Valley culture.  Shows throughout the day included performances from local public and dance schools.  This area maintains a high level of cultural performing arts.  You see traditional dancers and musicians at all events in the Valley.

Beginning with preschoolers,

through all school ages,

including adults

Traditional Spanish and Mexican dance flourishes here in the Rio Grande Valley

Throughout the day, costumed characters roamed the grounds and posed for pictures

The mime stopped by our table but was unable to read our brochure

The butterfly lady spread her wings for an action photo.

Since Spain was showcased, there was Sangria to be purchased at the food court!  Not sure it was such a good idea to go with lunch.  The portion was at least two glasses worth of wine.

This stage was inside the food court.  The two times we had lunch there, the local bands were very good.

This performer thanked the audience for their applause, but said the positive response was probably because he was related to almost everyone there.  We weren't and thought they were great.

As usual, I should have taken more pictures.  My only excuse was that we were working the crowd most of the day.  Fun event.

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