Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Naples Highlights

The community of Bay Forest in Naples is the winter home of our dear friend John Miles.  We manage to get in a couple of weeks staying with him at his condo.   Our camper goes into storage and we enjoy the amenities available at the Bermuda Bay 1 section of the complex.

The community is surrounded by a 2 1/2 mile paved walking/biking path, right outside the door.  Lots of wildlife along these few miles.  That stick-looking object on the left is a snake.  I was trying to stop my bike and get out the camera fast enough to get a picture of  him.  He didn't waste any time crawling into the bushes.

Flowering shrubs in January, just to make northerners envious.

These endangered gopher tortoise dig burrows on either side of the bike path.  Some recent research has shown that more than 20 different species share the burrows for safe places to hide or to make their own home.

Marlin got a good close-up of this fellow.

One lucky shot.  We were riding our bikes on the path and stopped to talk to some friends when this eagle landed on a branch right in front of us.  He had caught this fish in the pond on the opposite side of the path.  Looks like it was too big to carry it very far.

He was enjoying the meal.

When the fish wiggled out of his grasp and fell to the ground.  He looks surprised!  We watched for awhile to see if he would try to pick the fish up from the ground.  He stayed for about five minutes, but when a large dog came along, the eagle flew off.

Boccie is very popular here.  John signed up as an alternate and got to play twice today.

He has pretty good form and great accuracy.

His team lost but no hard feelings.

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