Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ben and Candice's Wedding 3-17-12

What a great vacation and wedding! When Ben Baldwin and Candice Miller decided on 3-17-12 as their wedding date, we started talking about the Cook family all going together. Our plans turned out better than we could have expected. We rented a house not far from the wedding location and also not far from the Baldwin's beach house.

All the Cooks arrived on Wednesday around noon. We wanted some time before the wedding to visit with the Baldwin family and other guest who would be there early. Our planning worked out perfectly. The house was large and comfortable. We had time to visit and relax. Lots of time in the hot tub and many walks on the beach between our house and the Baldwin's.

Some of the relaxing time. Shellie on the couch.

On Thursday night, after a day driving on the beach up to Carolla with Ben and Candice to the spot where they were engaged, the Cooks enjoyed a great meal together at the Rundown Cafe.

I think Jed was texting Jacob.

On Friday, the Burwell's arrived and checked into the Hilton. We walked around the grounds and Marlin and Chuck checked out the pier where the wedding was going to be held.

Friday night, Glen was hosting the rehearsal dinner at an elegant beach house across the street from their house. She began with appetizers on the first level. Those who went to Adam's wedding six years ago will remember the house and the great swimming pool.

Four tables were set for dinner service in the upper level living room. Each table was set with different china that came from grandparents, other relatives, and friends.

The bride and groom's chairs with green ribbons

View from the kitchen

Some of the guests.

The wedding day weather decided to bring in some fog and wind. That did not change the plans for holding the ceremony on the pier. James played two wedding march songs, chosen by Ben and Candice, on his magnificent hand made (by him) guitar. It sounded wonderful, even with the ocean and wind roaring in background. He looked pretty handsome, but the guitar was even prettier.

The reception hall was immediately next to where the ceremony was held.

The groomsmen

Groom's parents, Bob and Glen Baldwin

The bride's parents

The Bridesmaids, who had just had their hair done!

The bride, Candice, and her dad


Then inside for the festivities
Judy and Julie
Candice's grandparents

Sam Baldwin the ring bearer.
Adam and Cathy Baldwin

The new Baldwins

The Cook family together
Ralph Johnson and Addie Rossi

Ralph and Sue Johnson

Glen and Pam Richards

Sam and Lindsey Baldwin playing a game on Sam's I pod.

James and Shellie Cook

Matt and Lindsey Baldwin

The pizza peel, hand made by James Cook. The light wood on the edge is birch that came from Dixmont.

Doug Moreshead, Glen's brother
Bill and Sue Baldwin

Bob and Karen Baldwin

Chuck and Julie Burwell

Addie Rossi and Harold Streim friends from Frederick, MD

Gram and Connor Baldwin

Bob and Joleen Moreshead

Candice and Shellie

Adam and Lindsey

Matt gave a wonderful math presentation, oops, I mean toast to the Bride and Groom. Ben posted the math on facebook earlier this week. It was ingenious.

Cutting the cake

Eating the cake

Dancing with Dad
and mom
James and Shellie, later in the evening!

Tom LaPointe, Nicole, and Collin

Collin and Glen

Jed caught dancing

Marlin and Chuck sitting out a "few" dances

Fun at the photo booth

Candice's grandparents

Bob's new look!

Toward the end of the evening!

The next morning Glen hosted a breakfast brunch before the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Good donuts and bagels, coffee with Bailey's, and juice, of course.

After the parade we headed for Bob and Glen's new retirement home in Kitty Hawk. Bob plans on retiring in September and they will then move to the Outer Banks full time. They have moved in some extra pieces of furniture, but with the new stove in the living room it is not quite ready to move in!

Julie and Sue Baldwin

Pam and Bob Richards

The next morning all the visitors left for home. Marlin and I headed for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. One of our favorite places and we have heard all the wild flowers are blooming already because of the warm weather. Can't wait.

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  1. Great job, Judy! Such a fun weekend! Have a blast in the Smokies and then get yourselves HOME!