Saturday, February 4, 2017

Naples Zoo with Sean and Becky

OOPS, This has been in my draft box, not published by mistake.  Better late than never.

John's Daughter Becky and her son Sean came for a quick four day visit.  Sean is a delightful, talkative, four year old.  Having a little one around gave us an excuse to visit the Naples Zoo. Past reports  had been very positive and all were correct.  Fun day, great small zoo, perfect for a pre-school tot.

Becky and Sean

Marlin and John helping Sean find the anteater

Very graceful, but looking like something out of Star Wars

Zebra's were Sean's favorite

The boat ride circled several monkey islands.

The zoo makes a practice of hiding the food in unusual places to simulate a more natural habitat and realistic environment for the monkeys.

Kids were welcome to feed lettuce to these gentle Graffias.  The animals leaned their long necks over the fence and scooped up the romaine leaves with their tongues.

Tigers and lions and bears, oh my!  Mr. tiger was the only one out roaming around today.

End of a fun Zoo day.  Maybe we will get an ice cream.

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