Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2014 winter adventure begins

Our 2014 new winter adventure is underway.  This year our departure was delayed, not the usual three or four hours due to some absent minded error, but a three day hold over to avoid our first winter storm.  Instead of heading out on December 13 as planned, we left on Monday the 16th after plowing about 12 or 14 inches of beautiful light fluffy snow.

It was a wise decision since we saw deep snow on the ground all the way to Virginia.  Monday night the temperature was 14 degrees in Scranton, PA so we stayed in a hotel.

Tonight (Tuesday) we are at a campground just south of Roanoke, VA, where the temperature at 4PM was 45 degrees.   Quite a learning curve for setting up this new camper.  Not only remembering how to hook up this and that, but finding all the little glitches, like missing washers in the water hose, finding which key belongs to which lock, or opening cabinets and having pans tumble out.  Shortly after we completed all the outside tasks a rain squall roared through for about half an hour, so despite our fumbling set up time, we we were at least inside before the down pour began, thus avoiding a soaking.  At least the rain washed away one layer of highway mud.  We keep eying the signs for truck washes but I guess we will wait till we reach Texas to give it a good cleaning 

 Looks like our route is going to take us through Huntsville so a stop to visit Kathy (Gallagher) and Rusty Lundy will be in order when we get that far.

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